The River demographics and statistics

The Christian Science Sentinel Radio Program is played every Sunday morning at 7:30 on The River, 100.5 FM. Contributions to keep this program airing are very much appreciated.

  • Who does The River, 100.5 reach?
    • On a given Sunday, the program reaches an estimated 1,100 listeners for 15 minutes or more, therefore during the 30 minutes the show is airing it is expected to reach over 2000 listeners.
    • This data includes Kent and Ottawa counties, however, you can see from the map that it does reach areas outside of those counties, so potentially there are many more listeners.
  • What about the promos?
    • Every week there are fourteen :30 second promos heard over the radio. 
    • Every month there are twenty-five :30 second promos heard by those listening On-Line.  Therefore, about 81 promos total between on-air and on-line each month.
    • When the promos run there are an average of 44,300 listeners during a given week, more listeners during the holiday season.
  • Who are the listeners?
    Age range    percentage
      18-24                 1.6%
      25-34                13.4%
      34-44                 4.2%
      45-54                21.6%
      55-64                34.6%
      65+                    24.1%
  • What is the range of The River ?
    From downtown Grand Rapids

1/2 of the way to Lansing
1/2 the way to Kalamazoo
All the to holland, muskegon and grand haven
1/2 the way to Big Rapids

  • The cost?
    $6,500 a year
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